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The Ideal Poultry Story

One Of The Largest Suppliers Of Quality Backyard Poultry Since 1937

Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc., first known as Ideal Hatchery & Poultry Farm, has been producing quality poultry since brothers Leo and Theo Fuchs (pronounced Fox) started the business in 1937. Leo and his wife Edna were sole owners of Ideal from 1946 until 1973 when they sold the business to Monroe, their youngest son.

Ideal Poultry continues as a family owned and operated business, currently being equally owned by three of Monroe’s children; Gary, the President, is responsible for all poultry production including supervision of the hatchery and breeding farms; Janet Crouch, Vice President is responsible for sales and management of the office staff, Vice President, Teri Adcox is responsible for overseeing the shipment of all of Ideal’s products and supervising internet and retail sales.

Gary’s son, Stephen, a 2009 Texas A&M Poultry Science graduate, has become the first member of the fourth generation of the Fuchs family to join Ideal’s staff and is being trained by his father to manage all production aspects of the business. Gary’s other son Nathan, a 2012 Texas A&M Poultry Science graduate and 2013 Masters Graduate of Texas A&M, joined the business to manage the hatchery. Janet’s son Kevin, a 2015 Texas A&M Agriculture Leadership & Development graduate of Texas A&M, has joined the business to lead the sales and payroll aspects of Ideal Poultry.

More Than 50,000 Poultry Breeders: Chickens, Bantams, Ducks, Geese, Guineas, Turkey, Pheasant and Chukar

Ideal Poultry maintains more than fifty-thousand breeders on its company owned farms. Ideal currently hatches and sells 79 Standard Chicken Breeds/Varieties, 58 Breeds/Varieties of Bantams, 9 Breeds of Ducks, 3 Breeds of Geese and 4 Breeds/Varieties of Guineas. In addition, Ideal has available, as a service to its customers, 9 Heritage Breeds of Turkeys, Ring Neck Pheasants and Chukar.

Ideal’s story is a story of survival. While many hatcheries have been forced to close, Ideal Poultry has become the leader in producing non-commercial poultry annually, selling more than six million items of baby poultry. Ideal’s success can be attributed to following sound Christian principles in providing quality products and service to offer the best experience for our customers.