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Vaccinate – 25¢
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Product Specs

Type: Crested
Origin: Continental
Purpose: Ornamental
Availability: First of Feb - End of Oct
Comb Type: V-Shaped
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: PeeWee
Rate of Lay: 150/Year
Broodiness: No
Temperament: Docile
Leg Style: Clean
Heat Tolerance: Tolerates Well
Cold Tolerance: Not Hardy
Mature Male Weight: 6 lbs
Mature Female Weight: 4.5 lbs


Next Available Date

  • 05
  • Jun
  • 2024

Polish chickens are a long-established breed with record dating back to the 16th century. They were originally known as Paduan or Patavinian fowls and are known as Polish Large Fowls in the British Poultry Standard. Polish chicks are known for having feathers that grow from a knob in the skull of their head, giving them a recognizable crest. White Crested Blue chicks have white crests while the remainder of the body ranges from black to light gray to almost white. They have clean, white legs and feet, though darker chicks may have some black. If a comb is present, it is of the V-type. Adults have a white crest, that may have a small group of blue at the base of the crest. Most of the remaining plumage is slate blue laced with black. The males head is black, while the wing primaries and lower webs are slate blue without lacing.