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Product Specs

Type: Crested
Origin: Continental
Purpose: Ornamental
Availability: Feb - Sept
Comb Type: V-Shaped
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Small
Rate of Lay: 52/Year
Broodiness: No
Temperament: Docile
Leg Style: Feathered
Heat Tolerance: Tolerates Well
Cold Tolerance: Not Hardy
Mature Male Weight: 6 lbs
Mature Female Weight: 4 lbs


Next Available Date

  • 05
  • Jun
  • 2024

Sultans, which are an ornamental breed, have their origin in Southeastern Europe. All of their plumage is solid white and they are the only breed to have all the extra body parts. They have a crest, beard, muffs, feathers on legs and toes, vulture hocks and five toes on each foot. They are one of only a few breeds, which lay white eggs that do not have white ear lobes. They have white skin and lay medium to small, white eggs, but this extremely rare breed is kept primarily for their beauty and uniqueness.