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Product Specs

Type: Bantams
Origin: English
Purpose: Ornamental
Availability: Feb - Sept
Comb Type: Single
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: PeeWee
Rate of Lay: 150/Year
Broodiness: Yes
Temperament: Docile
Leg Style: Feather
Mature Male Weight: 30 oz
Mature Female Weight: 26 oz


Next Available Date

  • 31
  • Jul
  • 2024

Cochin bantams first appeared in England around 1860. It was first considered that they had been bred down from large Cochins, but that is not the case as the foundation birds were brought from China by returning soldiers. Birchen Cochin bantam chicks are primarily black with a small amount of white on the wing tips, throat, abdomen and toes. They have single combs and black feathered, yellow toes and feet. Adult males have white hackle and saddle feathers with dark stripes through the middle of each feather. The wing bows, back and head are white while the front of the neck and upper part of the breast are black laced with white. The remaining plumage is black. Adult females have a similar plumage to the male except there is no white in the wing bows and the back is black.

Our bantams are purebred and represent the breed and variety; however, we do not guarantee or represent that they are of show quality.