Ideal 236

The Ideal 236 is a breed cross layer developed by Ideal Poultry in the 1960's and is the most productive, efficient layer sold by Ideal. This breed cross has excellent highbred vigor, which takes advantage of the specific combinability involving a combination of 3 strains of White Leghorns and a white egg barred breed cross. The specific combination of strains/breeds has produced a bird with excellent livability and the ability to lay for a long period of time without moulting.

The mature weight of Ideal 236 hens is 4.5 lbs. which is heavier than most commercial layers.

Pricing and Ordering

Sex Item # Description 1–24 25–49 50–99 100+ Quantity Total
  ST RUN 236S
IDEAL 236 ST RUNS Vac, Deb, Dew, Dub
$2.19 $1.99 $1.92 $1.85
IDEAL 236 PULLETS Vac, Deb, Dew, Dub
$2.81 $2.67 $2.59 $2.51
  MALE 236M
IDEAL 236 MALES Vac, Deb, Dew, Dub
$1.61 $1.55 $1.51 $1.47
Pricing effective as of a 07/18/2018 shipping date.
Pricing may change depending on the final shipping date.
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